glass, metal, acoustic foam, rope

The performance „Shelter“ was the first action of my diploma work. This act was created on a base of my personal experience with loneliness and the need for protecting myself. The shelter is a visual expression of my personal instinct, which is to be hidden from the world, but always with the option to open up. It is a definition of my personal space, which i can control by a pulley and ropes. The arms of the shelter are movable, and because of that i can open and close the shelter from the inside. It was a constitutive decision to control the shelter solely by my own power. However, the act of closing myself inside the shelter is not an act of isolation. Thanks to the transparent walls which consist of glass, I’m not loosing contact with my surroundings, while my surroundings are able to observe me as well. The most powerful moment of the performance is the decision of being alone, a process accompanied by big emotions and physical effort. From the moment when i’m closed inside the shelter, I’m just with myself. I identify myself as the only one inside of this construction. Because i filled up the construction with this energy of loneliness i am able to deconstruct it. My deep experience of being the only one observing the inside of the construction allows me to do so. I’m opening the border of my shelter, so i can cross it. This last process comes with letting go and breaking the glass walls. The great noise which this produces is a big contrast to the silence which accompanied the main part of the performance. The performance represents a method of opening up and catharsis. The beginning of a search for new ways (also towards my dealing with the material of glass).